Improving industrial environment, health, safety and energy practices

Factory Engagement Program

What is it?
The factory engagement program, funded by Mahindra & Mahindra, provides select factories with complete Energy & Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) audits. Once those audits are complete, select factories will have access to subsidized technical support and mentoring to make improvements.

Factory Benefits


Complete Energy & EHS Audit

Understand risks to your business, and place for improvement that can save you money.


Subsidized Technical Assistance & Mentoring

The Factory Engagement Program is partially funded by brands, and operated by an NGO, so your factory will receive high-quality service at below-market prices.


Long-term results measurement

Gain insight on your progress towards your goal, get cost-savings data

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The Process
Preliminary Information Collection

Initial data collection before energy & EHS audits allows us to determine eligibility, and measure future success.

Conducting Energy & EHS Audits

Receive a free and confidential Energy and EHS audit by qualified experts to establish baseline values and identity areas of improvement.


Training is made available at a variety of levels – depending on staff skill level – foundation provides basic training, skill-building makes that basic training more broadly applicable, and capstone encourages mastery. Our team of expert trainers, are long-time EHS and energy professionals, and can come to your factory for maximum practical learning, at minimum disruption.


Unlike other training programs, we’ll continue to work with your factory as you implement plans developed during the training.

Success Measurement

End the program with real results that you can share with international brands, and your workers.

Expert Visits (3-4 days)

Factories have the option to select a short term engagement with EHS+ Center experts to provide walk-through audits and technical assistance if required over a duration of 3-4 working days. These expert visits help factories identify loopholes and obstacles in their factory processes and production and to provide a clear and concise action plan for solutions.