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The EHS+ Center provides customized environment, health, safety, and energy training and assistance to factory workers and managers on-site and in the classroom throughout India. Our goal is to help factories become safe, healthy, and green places by encouraging approaches that contribute to the well-being of workers and India’s growing economy. We have a wide selection of cost-effective courses and programs that can help those in the textile, construction, automotive, and chemicals/pharmaceuticals sectors save money through safety and efficiencies and be a good citizen by supporting key Indian initiatives such as Make in India and Clean India Mission. Launched in 2015, India’s first EHS+ Center was started by the U.S.-based international NGO Institute for Sustainable Communities and its academic institutional partner Symbiosis Institute for International Business (SIIB).

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Meet our trainers & staff

Amit Singh Parihar
Amit Singh Parihar brings over 12 years of experience in energy management, environmental management, renewable energy and sustainability. He is a Certified Energy Auditor and Energy Manager by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. He holds experience in conducting walkthrough surveys, detailed energy audits and capacity building programs for

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Mr Kailash Tarde
Mr Kailash Tarde’s expertise lies in energy management and energy efficiency projects. He has conducted over 20 walkthrough audits in sectors such as automobile, chemical, engineering, hospitality and steel. Previously, he was also associated with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) as a consultant for a World Bank project focused on financing energy efficiency in

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Mr Shankar Narayanan
Mr Shankar Narayanan is an energy professional with over 38 years of experience in energy management, technical auditing and capacity building programs. He has conducted over 200 technical audits spanning across sectors like automobile, engineering, steel foundry, nuclear, chemical and transmission towers. He has monitored the implementation of lean manufacturing activities in 52 clusters in

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Dr Nagesh Kumar
Dr Nagesh Kumar is an experienced industrial expert with over 25 years of experience specializing in energy efficiency, energy management, environment protection and clean technology. He has conducted over 100 studies and training programs in the field of energy conservation and management for power plants, food processing, oil and natural gas, steel, engineering, textiles, chemicals

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The EHS+ Center is expanding its scope through expertise across various environment, health and safety initiatives. This is a very good service help from ISC and the EHS+ Center to its clients.

Deepak Mugadaur (Corporate EHS Advisor)

Coming from a developing country, it is good to see how technology can be implemented for good. Through the trainings, I have learned a lot on chemical management which is I found very engaging. A good trainer enables interactives sessions and this training defines that.

Samrawit Laeke (Sustainability Developer, H&M)

After this training I am more comfortable and knowledgeable about the topics covered to point that suppliers can’t bluff me anymore. I can say it openly now, I know the topics well.

Shaila MG (H&M Sustainability Developer)

I would like to thank Mahindra and the EHS+ Center for guiding us well with the topics. This training program will definitely help us minimize our costs while sustaining the environment.

Ujas Sanchde (Mahindra Supplier and Training Participant)

The efforts and hard work of Mahindra, ISC and the EHS+ Center put in this workshop has definitely payed off. We would love to have more such capacity building workshops stretched out in the coming months reaching more suppliers and participants on this important subject.

Mr. Vinod Sawant (Sr. Manager SCPC, Mahindra Mumbai Hub)

Knowing the specifics about fire safety will definitely help me and my workplace. Understanding how a fire might occur itself safeguards industries, and surroundings. The training was really impactful and I will definitely remember the presentations.

Mythreya Duvvuri, Intern (Spark Minda)

This training is really useful for our day-to-day life. There are things I have learned about fire safety that I will use every day to make sure my environment and workplace is safe.

Samadhan Jankar, Embedded Software Dept. (Spark Minda)

The fire safety training was really informative. I got to know about different safety measures and from now on I will have the right perspective on fire safety and implement what I learned wherever I am.

Raghuram Nesamani, Engineer (Spark Minda)

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